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Gone Postal's Journal

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7:53AM - Сайт с бесплатными битами

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На сайте есть как Микстейп биты Так и Нужные всем Авторские. . . Все абсолютно бесплатно. . . + Ко всему все желающие могут размещать на сайте свои биты. . . Хочу сделать нечто типо банка битов. . .=)

Thursday, April 8, 2004

4:33PM - just a dumb brainstorm

why do you make me wanna drop down to the floor
drink a fifth with a 40, get to tokin til im sore
slap bitches with riches, kick them out the door
now i'm feelin like a lion, brotha hear me roar

why do you make me wanna choke ya til you're dead
take to fuckin with your mamma and your sista instead
put some bullets in your gullet til the blood runs read
then take every one of your friends to their bed

Sunday, April 4, 2004


whoops, damn...shit, here i am
bitch comes out, done caught me in the back of the van
sorry, mam, but you gotta go
somebody's about ta straight up slap a ho

why me, just lemme hit it, geez
it aint like ima bout ta get no stds
back off, ya done enough
bitch comes out actin like you're so damn tough

bad luck, but i dont give a fuck
i'm done with you and you aint gettin none o' this buck
dumb bitch, suck my dick
i'm done playin round with you and your tricks

GoNePoStAl up in the motherfuckin HIZZOUSE!!!!!!!!! still workin on some new shit, this here's just brainstormin, but anybody's welcome to contribute...primarily this is for Gone Postal updates and quick fun freestyles by us or u...no matter how badass, no matter how shitty, we'll never pass judgement!!!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2003


from the back ta the front and the middle ta the side
from the corner o' the homies that iz armed and bout ta ride
dj rick and da bug, pot mesiah, j.o.e
wit da niggaz back and forth and only one goal: set a nigga free

Saturday, January 25, 2003

11:09PM - Gone Postal's up in da house!!!!

The time is finally here! Local MC DJ Rick aka Shamrock just recently completed his album 'Born Rebellius' and is finally back ta back with da B.U.G....Gone Postal's in the house...this community is for all you die hard fans who have never even heard our music lol because nothing's been recorded yet but it don't matter...one thing's for certain, it's a guarantee you haven't heard anything like it, and if you have, well I guess that just makes me fulla shit. Right now, Gone Postal is the decided-upon name with the possibility of changing it to Fuse...so, feel free to respond, offer your suggestions, whateva ya want...cuz it'sa be one motherfuckin party up in this bitch!!!!

Current mood: accomplished